COVID-19 Updates - 12th July, 2020

4:00pm, 12th July, 2020

Tougher Restrictions Imposed On Hotels In NSW

Member clubs are advised that the NSW Government has announced tougher restrictions which will apply to hotels in NSW from Friday, 17 July 2020.

These restrictions will not apply to registered clubs.

The restrictions will include mandatory sign-in for all patrons, a maximum of 300 patrons per hotel premises, and a limit of 10 patrons per group booking.

The NSW Government’s media release states that the new compliance measures were imposed on hotels following a concerning rise in COVID-19 cases. The media release can be found here.

In a press conference today, the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, was asked why the same restrictions were not being imposed on clubs. The Premier responded as follows:

“Clubs already have these systems built into their business models ... it's part of the way they operate ... there is that degree of registration and compliance which already exists”.

The NSW Government’s decision not to impose these restrictions on clubs, as underscored by the Premier’s comments, reflects the NSW Government’s confidence in the club industry’s CovidSAFE practices, many of which go above and beyond the legislated requirements.

Penalties and warning for noncompliance

The new restrictions on hotels have been imposed against the backdrop of rising COVID-19 cases and instances of noncompliance.

Member clubs can expect heightened scrutiny of the hospitality industry, including clubs, by regulators and the public.

The risk of further restrictions is highlighted by warnings from the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, David Elliott:

"I'm appealing to all licensees, all pubs, to learn from this mistake and see what's going on in Victoria … we don't want to see the hospitality industry close down again and go into lock down again, because it may not survive."

These warnings of further restrictions have been accompanied by the following new enforcement powers:

  • First offence: $5,500 fine or relevant penalty for breach of the Public Health Order.
  • Second offence: Business will be closed for one week.
  • Third offence (repeated and wilful non-compliance): Shutdown for up to one month.

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