COVID-19 Updates - 15th July, 2021

3:00pm, 15th July, 2021

ClubsNSW, through Clubs Australia, has lodged a submission to the Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, detailing the multiple opportunities for clubs to support Australia’s vaccination rollout.

As outlined in Circular 21-120, Clubs Australia has been selected to participate in the COVID-19 National Business Partnership — a partnership between the business community and the Australian Government to support the nation’s vaccine rollout.

As set out in the submission, clubs are uniquely placed to support the rollout given the fundamental characteristics of the industry such as its wide presence across Australia, strong engagement with communities and generally large venue sizes.

Among other recommendations, Clubs Australia is proposing that clubs leverage these advantages to act as vaccination hubs where community members can receive their vaccine.

Read more in Circular 21-130.