COVID-19 Updates - 15th October, 2021

12:00pm, 15th October, 2021

The NSW Government has foreshadowed Monday, 18 October as the likely day NSW will transition to the next milestone.

The NSW Government also announced the relaxation of certain measures on 1 November, as outlined below.

The changes announced today are summarised below.

Uncapped Bookings from 1 November

From Monday, 1 November, the current 20-person booking cap will be removed. This means clubs may take bookings for any number of people capped only by the density limit of one per four sqm indoors and one per two sqm outdoors. Clubs may also enable events and functions of more than 20 people in their venues.

Travel Between Greater Sydney and Regional NSW permitted from 1 November

Travel between Greater Sydney (including the local government areas of Central Coast, Shellharbour and Wollongong), and regional NSW is restricted to people who have a reasonable excuse, such as traveling for work purposes. This travel restriction will be lifted on 1 November. Further details of these restrictions can be found in Circular 21-216.

Extension of JobSaver for regional areas

As indicated in Circular 21-206, the JobSaver program is expected to taper to a payment of 15 per cent of weekly payroll at 80 per cent. Given the slower vaccination rate in regional NSW, the Government has committed to extending the JobSaver scheme for regional businesses.


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