COVID-19 Updates 15th September, 2020

4:00pm, 15th September, 2020

NSW Government Rolls-Out Check In App

Member clubs are advised that Service NSW is now offering a digital check-in system (the Service NSW system) which is available to all NSW hospitality venues. The purpose of the Service NSW system is to help venues comply with record keeping obligations and facilitate fast and effective contact tracing.  

It is not compulsory for clubs and other hospitality venues to use the Service NSW system. Clubs may wish to continue using their existing sign-in system to comply with the record-keeping requirements in the Public Health Order. However, clubs that do not have a digital sign-in system are encouraged to consider the Service NSW system to meet their obligations under the Public Health Order. 

According to the NSW Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello, “The check-in automatically captures the date, time and location, and securely stores them on a NSW Government database for the sole purpose of contact tracing. After 28 days, the data is destroyed.” 

Member clubs who use the Service NSW system must also implement additional measures to maintain their register of members and guests under the Registered Clubs Act 1976.  

This Service NSW system is available for free to clubs that register as COVID Safe. Clubs who register will be sent details of the system including a QR code. Customers use the system by opening the Service NSW app, selecting “COVID Safe Check-in” and scanning the QR code. 

Further information on using the Service NSW system can be found here. Details of the state-wide roll out can be found on the NSW Government website, here

Member clubs are advised that registering as COVID Safe has been mandatory since 24 July 2020. 

Member Clubs that offer a paper sign-in process are also reminded that they must create a digital copy of their COVID Safe sign-ins within 24 hours of the individual signing in. Scanning the paper sheet is not an appropriate form of digitisation. Clubs must input the details in a digital format such as Word or preferably, Excel. 

JobKeeper 2.0 Ineligibility

Member clubs who will be ineligible for JobKeeper 2.0 payments are reminded that on 28 September 2020 your current JobKeeper enabling directions will end.  For more information, read circular 20-160.


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