COVID-19 Updates - 15th September, 2021

3:00pm, 15th September, 2021

The NSW Government has issued a new COVID-19 safety checklist, which thereby requires clubs to update their COVID-19 safety plan in accordance with the checklist. These changes reflect the recent relaxation of restrictions for some regional areas.

New COVID-19 Safety Checklist

The new checklist is now in effect. Clubs that are trading are reminded that the public health order requires them to have and comply with a COVID-19 safety plan which is based on the most up-to-date checklist.

The checklist for clubs (Hospitality COVID Safety Plan), requires clubs to describe how they will address the specified matters.

The checklist builds on changes outlined in Circular 21-143 including requiring clubs to explain how they will meet the requirements outlined in the checklist.

Clubs should be aware that this checklist replicates requirements in the public health order, including the 4 square metres rule in indoor areas and the 2 square metres rule in outdoor areas

The checklist includes a new section on ventilation — clubs are encouraged to review the 'COVID-19 guidance on ventilation’ available at

Singing and Dancing

Member clubs in regional areas which have exited lockdown are also advised that they must take steps to prohibit patrons from singing and dancing in indoor areas of the venue. Performers may sing or dance in indoor areas.

Patrons may otherwise sing or dance in outdoor areas of the premises.

The public health order defines an indoor area as “an area in a building or other structure, whether or not temporary, which has a roof, ceiling or other top covering, but does not include an area with at least 2 sides open to the weather.”


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