COVID-19 Updates - 19th August, 2020

4:30pm, 19th August, 2020

Enforcement of the Public Health Order

Enforcement action against venues breaching the Public Health Order has escalated in recent weeks.

ClubsNSW anticipates that inspectors will continue to escalate their enforcement of the Public Health Order. In a media release issued last week, Liquor & Gaming NSW advised that there would be “no second chances for venues flouting COVID safety rules”. Member clubs are advised to take a risk-averse approach to compliance matters over which there is uncertainty. are encouraged to review ClubsNSW’s circulars on compliance with the Public Health Order, and to seek information from ClubsNSW’s Member Enquiries Centre (MEC) where there is any uncertainty. Fore more information read Circular 20-143.

Updated community sports advice

Member clubs are advised that the Chief Health Officer of NSW, Dr Kerry Chant, has issued updated advice for participation in community sports and related events (which can be found here). Further details can be found in Circular 20-143.


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