COVID-19 Updates - 19th March, 2020

6.15pm, 19th March, 2020

Business Recovery Advice 

As underscored by previous ClubsNSW advice on COVID-19, Member Clubs are encouraged to consider taking measures to scale down their operations. 

By taking appropriate operational measures, clubs will enhance their prospects of outlasting this emergency, helping their communities rebuild, and continuing to serve their communities into the future. 

To helps clubs undertake this vital function, ClubsNSW has obtained professional advice on business recovery (you will be required to use your ClubsNSW login details to access this page; due to high traffic, this page may be slow to load). 

The bespoke business recovery advice is specific to both the clubs industry and the current COVID-19 emergency. 

 Coronavirus Industry Address 

We will be broadcasting a live Coronavirus Industry Address to discuss pressing questions and concerns on Friday, 20th March at 3.00pm.  Instructions to tune in have been distributed via a standalone EDM and circular. 

Clubs Australia President Maurice Reilly and ClubsNSW CEO-Designate Josh Landis will lead the panel, joined by Clubs Australia Industrial Executive Director Joanne Ede, and ClubsNSW Senior Policy Officer Simon Sawday.  

The panel will address and respond to some of the regular questions we have been receiving, discuss the intricacies of regulatory compliance at this time, our recommendations on scaling down, and cover the relief options available to clubs.  
Unlawful gatherings – Enforcement 

Yesterday morning, the Prime Minister announced a ban on indoor gatherings of 100 or more persons (an unlawful gathering). Pursuant to the Prime Minister’s announcement, clubs must ensure that unlawful gatherings do not occur in any individual room or area within a club. 

ClubsNSW has been advised that police may start enforcing these laws from tomorrow, Friday 20 March 2020. Hosting an unlawful gathering incurs a penalty of up to $55,000. Member Clubs should ensure they can demonstrate to police they are implementing measures to ensure that unlawful gatherings cannot take place within the club, and that the club is promoting safe distancing.

These measures may include cancelling upcoming events, using clickers to count persons entering and exiting each room/area and adjusting the patron capacities of rooms.


Member clubs should consider advising their local ClubGRANTS committee if they believe the COVID-19 emergency is likely to significantly reduce the funding they can make available through the ClubGRANTS scheme this year. Should a club or ClubGRANTS committee decide to suspend or delay grant rounds, this should be communicated directly to recipients and applicants.

11.50am, 19th March, 2020

Workforce Planning

Regrettably, the spread of COVID-19 continues to inflict significant losses on clubs, due to a combination of government-imposed restrictions and public aversion to hospitality venues and other commercial activities.

Member Clubs should strongly consider scaling down their operations as needed to remain viable. To assist Member Clubs, ClubsNSW has produced FAQs on Workforce Planning (you will be required to use your ClubsNSW login details to access this page).

Later today, ClubsNSW will issue a circular which contains professional advice on business recovery.

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For more information or any questions, please contact the ClubsNSW Members Enquiries Centre.

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