COVID-19 Updates - 1st April, 2020

1.00pm, 1st April, 2020

Golf Courses and Bowling Greens Can Remain Open

This morning the NSW Minister for Sport, Geoff Lee, announced that golf courses and bowling greens can remain open.

In an interview on 2GB Radio the Minister advised that “golf courses are allowed to be open … as long as they follow the social distancing rule; no more than two in a group at the same time”.

The Minister also said that lawn bowls and tennis can continue to be played, as long as they were confined to two people. The website of the NSW Office of Sport has now been updated to clarify that golf and other sports can be played (see here) provided it is undertaken in compliance with the Public Health Orders, meaning that people must not participate in groups greater than two persons at any point in time.

Yesterday, ClubsNSW advised that golf courses and bowling greens needed to close. This advice was based on the information and advice which was available at the time. As noted above, the NSW Government’s advice has subsequently changed, thereby permitting golf, bowls and tennis to continue.

There is no requirement for a club to provide staff to facilitate people engaging in the sport.

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