COVID-19 Updates - 21st December, 2020

4:30pm, 21st December, 2020

Member clubs are advised that NSW Health has released an updated COVID-19 safety checklist, which can be found on the NSW Government website.

Clubs are required to complete the updated checklist and keep a copy on their premises. For more information, read Circular 20-232.

10:00am, 21st December, 2020

Member clubs are advised that the Public Health Order giving effect to the reimposition of restrictions on hospitality venues was released late last night.

Areas covered by the new restrictions — Wollongong; not Illawarra-Shoalhaven region

The new restrictions apply to Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong local government areas (LGAs).

For the full list of LGAs included in the new restrictions, read Circular 20-231.

Capacity of venues — Greater Sydney, Wollongong and Central Coast

The capacity of venues will now be determined in accordance with caps of 300 patrons per “separate area”, or 1 patron per 4 square metres, whichever is less — the same capacity rules that were in place from late July to early December 2020.

Density restrictions

For clubs in LGAs covered by the new restrictions, density is limited to:

  • 1 patron per 4 square metres in indoor areas
  • 1 patron per 2 square metres in outdoor areas.

Restrictions on dancing apply throughout NSW

Unlike the above restrictions — which are limited to Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong — the prohibition on dancefloors applies to clubs and other venues across NSW. Dancing is only permitted for up to 20 members of a bridal party.

Live entertainment

The NSW Government has announced that singing and chanting are prohibited, including by performers or members of an audience. These restrictions, together with the restriction on dancing, will effectively require clubs to refrain from holding live entertainment.

Fore more information, read Circular 20-231.


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