COVID-19 Updates - 29th June, 2021

5:20pm, 29th June, 2021

The NSW Government has prepared a support package for businesses in light of the recent NSW-wide restrictions.

Grants for affected hospitality businesses

Clubs that meet the criteria as of 1 July 2020 are eligible to apply for grants in line with their reduction in revenue as a result of the restrictions. 

The payments are available to all clubs in NSW, including in ‘Greater Sydney’ and the rest of NSW.

A business must evidence the requisite decline in revenue for any two-week period from the commencement of the lockdown on 26 June 2021, relative to the equivalent period in 2019.

Grants to eligible clubs will be paid from 19 July 2021, as announced by the NSW Government today..

Extension of Dine & Discover NSW

The NSW Government also announced that the Dine & Discover NSW program would be extended until the end of August, and expanded to include takeaway food. Patrons using their Dine voucher to collect takeaway food must use a QR code. Dine vouchers cannot be redeemed for food delivered using third-party delivery services

For more information, read circular 21-113.

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