COVID-19 Updates - 29th March, 2021

2:45pm, 29th March, 2021

Member clubs are advised that the NSW Government has issued a new Public Health Order and made key changes to the COVID-19 safety checklist. 

These changes, which come into effect today, reflect the easing of restrictions announced by the Premier on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, as described in Circular 21-050. These changes include permitting dancefloors, removing caps for significant events (e.g. weddings) and increasing the capacity of indoor seated entertainment events to 100 per cent.  

Importantly, the new Public Health Order and checklist include additional changes which were not announced last week, including the permitting of buffets, the removal of the requirement to have a COVID-19 marshal, the simplification of physical distancing requirements, and the adoption of a new checklist format. 

New COVID-19 safety checklists 

Clubs are advised that the relevant checklist for clubs is now a generic Hospitality COVID Safety Plan, rather than a checklist specific to clubs and pubs. 

Clubs are reminded that the Public Health Order requires businesses to use the most up-to-date checklist. 

Capacity restrictions now eased 

Under the changes, clubs are required to determine capacity in accordance with 1 patron per 2 square metres, with no additional upper limit. These rules for working out maximum capacity apply to significant events such as weddings, as well as regular club activities. 

New physical distancing requirements 

The physical distancing requirements have been simplified to state that a venue must support 1.5m physical distancing where possible. The new wording includes further flexibility, which better reflects the density limit of 1 patron per 2 square metres. 

Buffets now permitted 

As per the changes in the checklist, clubs may now operate buffets or other self-serve options. 

Dancefloors now permitted 

Dancefloors are no longer prohibited. The capacity of a dancefloor must not exceed 1 patron per 2 square metres. 

Indoor entertainment 

Clubs which hold entertainment events (e.g. live music or theatre) may now permit 100 per cent capacity on the condition that the event is ticketed and attendees are assigned to specific seats. If either of these conditions are not met, the limit of 1 patron per 2 square metres applies. 


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