COVID-19 Updates - 2nd June, 2020

3:00pm, 2nd June 2020

COVID-19 safety plan

Member clubs are reminded that the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 3) 2020 requires clubs to develop and comply with a COVID-19 safety plan.

The safety plan must address matters in the COVID-19 safety checklist (the Checklist). Clubs must keep their safety plan on the club premises for inspection.

The Checklist and a template safety plan can be found on the NSW Government website here.

ClubsNSW distributed circulars last week which contained versions of the draft Checklist. Member clubs are advised that the final version of the Checklist features some amendments to previous versions.

Particularly, table service is no longer required, however clubs which do not use table service must use floor markers, and patrons must be seated when consuming alcohol.

Club Industry Reopening Pack

ClubsNSW has now released version 3 of the Reopening Pack, which contains the matters in the final checklist, and also includes other best practice measures which will help clubs comply with their other obligations – such as duties in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW).

The Reopening Pack can be found here.

Relief from Foxtel subscription fees in June

Foxtel has announced it will not charge clubs a subscription fee in the month of June. If it has not done so already, Foxtel will automatically turn on its signal shortly.

Foxtel will notify clubs in due course on how subscription fees in the month of July will be treated.

Responsible Gambling Advice

Member clubs are advised that the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling (ORG) has issued advice regarding the responsible conduct of gambling during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Further detail can be found in circular 20-078.

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