COVID-19 Updates - 6th April, 2020

2.00pm, 6th April, 2020

$10,000 small business grant

On Friday 3 April, the NSW Premier announced a grant of up to $10,000 for businesses with 1-19 employees and payroll less than $900,000. The grant will cover the cost of overheads, including utilities.

Details of the grant can be found here.

The grant will open by 17 April 2020 and eligible clubs are strongly encouraged to apply. Clubs will need to provide documentation of the overhead costs which they are claiming.

ClubsNSW will update Member Clubs once the application process opens and further details on eligible overhead costs are provided.

This COVID-19 updates page includes details on other NSW and Federal Government assistance measures, including:

  • the NSW Government’s 6-month deferral of gaming machine tax;
  • the Federal Government’s JobKeeper scheme, under which clubs with a 30% reduction in revenue can claim $750 per week to pass on to – or subsidise the wages or salaries of – eligible employees;
  • the Federal Government’s Cash Flow Boost, under which the ATO will credit clubs with up to $100,000, corresponding to clubs’ PAYG withholding amounts in the quarter of Jan-March 2020 (for quarterly BAS lodgers) or the month of March 2020 (for monthly BAS lodgers; with this amount being scaled up 300% for the first round of assistance payments);
  • the NSW Government’s 25% discount on payroll tax for employers with payroll less than $10 million;
  • the NSW Government’s 6-month deferral of payroll tax.

Sky Fees

Further to Tabcorp’s suspension of fees announcement on Friday 27 March 2020, Tabcorp is communicating with clubs on how the suspension of fees will work for each club.

A Sky statement will be sent for April as normal. The statement acknowledges that there is no fee for the entire month of April and details the credit clubs will receive for the 9 days in March from when fees were suspended – for the period of 23 March to 31 March 2020. For clubs that are billed quarterly (up to and including end of April) you will also see an additional credit for the month of April. This credit will be applied to your next regular statement from us.

Please call the Sky helpdesk on 1800 251 710 if you have any queries.

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