COVID-19 Updates - 7th July, 2020

3:00pm, 7th July, 2020

Restrictions on people who have been in Victoria

Member clubs are advised that, from today, it is an offence for a person to enter NSW if that person was in the greater Melbourne area in the previous 14 days. These restrictions do not apply to NSW residents or individuals entering NSW for prescribed reasons such as providing an essential service.

Classifying the greater Melbourne area as a “hotspot” is an expansion of the 10 postcodes declared as hotspots last week, as outlined in ClubsNSW Circular 20-108.

A list of the postcodes declared as hotspots can be found here.

Individuals who were already in NSW before today – but were in the greater Melbourne area in the previous 14 days – are required to self-isolate until 14 days have passed since their presence in the hotspot. These rules apply to all individuals, including residents of NSW.

From midnight tonight, it will be an offence for all residents of Victoria to enter NSW. The criminal sanctions will be supported by border closures.

While the updated Public Health Order has not yet been released, the NSW Government has indicated there will be special arrangements applying to border communities. In a press conference today, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that the bubble of postcodes in border regions “will be seen differently to other Victorians”.

There will also be a permit system for residents of Victoria to apply to enter NSW. The NSW Government said the permit system will be available from this evening. The webpage for the permit system can be found here.

ClubsNSW will provide additional information by circular when further details on the border closure are released.


Courtesy vehicles

Member clubs are advised that club courtesy vehicles may continue to operate under the existing Public Health Order.

The capacity on courtesy vehicles is not governed by the 4 sqm rule, and clubs are not required to ensure distancing of 1.5 metres between each passenger on the vehicle.

However, clubs should facilitate a reasonable level of distancing between passengers. Clubs may wish to limit the number of passengers in the vehicle to 50%, or alternatively permit one passenger per seat or 1 passenger per row, as appropriate.

Members of the same household, family or group may sit next to one another.

The approved Checklist also requires clubs to “take measures to ensure drivers of courtesy vehicles minimise close contact with passengers as much as possible.”

To address this matter, clubs may implement measures such as displaying a sign which instructs passengers to maintain distance from the driver, and instruct the driver to avoid close contact with passengers.


Small business recovery grant now open

Eligible clubs may apply for a small business recovery grant of up to $3,000 to cover re-opening expenses incurred from 1 July 2020, including:

  • Cleaning products and cleaning services
  • Staff training
  • Equipment necessary to comply with physical distancing
  • Marketing and promotional costs.

Applications are now open (click here for the application webpage), and they will close on Sunday 16 August 2020.

A club is eligible if they employ fewer than 20 employees (FTE) and their payroll for the 2019-20 year is less than $900,000. 


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