Covid-19 - Supplier Relief & Support

ClubsNSW appreciates the support and relief our Corporate Partners and other suppliers are providing to our member clubs. A summary of known support and relief efforts are below, with more to come. We encourage you to make contact with your suppliers and seek out their support wherever possible. 


Foxtel will be providing you with a suspension on all charges to your April subscription invoice as a first step. 

Foxtel will be monitoring the situation on a month by month basis and as the government trading restrictions are updated. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding your account then please let Foxtel know by emailing them ( and a member of the team will assist you. 

Tabcorp (TAB, Sky, MAX & Keno) 

Tabcorp has advised the following: 

Relevant fees under SKY, TAB, Keno and MAX contractual arrangements will be payable by licensed venues up to the close of business on 22 March 2020. This is, of course, the day prior to the first government shut down order. 

All payment obligations for the following month will be suspended in light of the government ordered shutdown, and Tabcorp’s obligations under those contractual arrangements will also be suspended during this period. 

Tabcorp will continue to review the position in respect of each subsequent month taking into account further developments, such as additional government directions. Where applicable, alternative arrangements will be agreed with venues, such as extensions of long-term fixed contracts equivalent to the cumulative period of the payment suspension. 

In order to support industry through this difficult period, the interim measures described above are being implemented despite the terms of relevant venue contracts*.  

Tabcorp anticipates that the shutdown may last several months, but they recognise the position is fluid hence they will be reviewing the circumstances each month to allow for maximum flexibility (as set out above). Tabcorp’s teams will be contacting impacted venues with details of the specific commercial arrangements that will apply for each relevant business.  

*Tabcorp’s existing rights under those contracts are preserved. 


  • Lion has offered to take back unused kegs and offer customers a credit. For safety reasons, these kegs must be full and capped.  
  • To process a full keg pick-up and credit request, customers can email Lion Connect ( with the keg quantity, best before date, keg number/s and venue account number.  
  • It may take some time for Lion to come to your venue to collect these kegs, so Lion have asked for your patience as they contact all impacted customers over the coming days and weeks to make the necessary arrangements. 


Aristocrat will be implementing the following measures:

  • Access and T4 contracts:

    Ongoing Payments – Given your venue is closed due to a government directive, Aristocrat will be deferring all invoicing and open payments due in the month of April relating to your Access and Type 4 contracts for a 30 day period, after which Aristocrat will again review on the 30th Day of each month, the position to ascertain the current state of events. 
  • Maintenance/Services and Systems: 

    Payments – Aristocrat will be suspending invoicing and direct debit payments for a period of 30 days from 23/3/2020, and you will not be charged any maintenance, support or software fees for services or systems during such period. We will review the position, taking into account further developments at the 30th day of each month. 

    Services – Aristocrat's team remains available to support any maintenance, installs and/or servicing initiatives that you might have during the period of temporary closure. Aristocrat  assumes you will not be requiring any such support while the government restrictions are in place, but please let them know if in fact you will require any support during this period, and they can discuss your requirements and standard contract fees that would apply. 

    Planning Measures - Aristocrat have put in place a number of planning measures so that, when you are ready to re-open, their teams can support you through this difficult time. In the interim, should you have any queries around current machine orders, spare parts/warranty repairs, our team is available to assist (within the limits of the applicable government and health directives) so please contact your Aristocrat account manager. 

Please note this information, contained with a letter to customers, does not constitute a waiver of any of Aristocrat’s rights. Should you require any further assistance from any of our team please do not hesitate to contact your Aristocrat account manager. 

SG Gaming 

SG Gaming will be deferring payments that are due. These payments take the form of: 

  • Monthly Sales and Licence payments for EGMs on 12, 24 and 36 Months terms 
  • Monthly Software Maintenance Support on Quartz Software on 36 or 60 Months 
  • Monopoly Licence Fee 

SG Gaming will defer all due payments on these agreements for as long as the order for premises to remain closed is in place, as imposed by the Australian Federal and/or the applicable State Government. 

However, it must be noted, that pursuant to the terms and conditions agreed to and signed for by your venue, all monies owed under the agreement, will remain due and payable by the date set out in that agreement. Please do not hesitate to contact Russel Gartner directly ( should you have any queries. 

Ainsworth Game Technology (AGT) 

Outlined below are some of the measures AGT will be implementing: 

  • Games Plus payments: All April payments will be deferred for 30 days. This will be evaluated on a month by month basis and customers will be notified accordingly. 
  • Service Contracts: Payments will be suspended for the period that closures are enforced. 

Further information will be provided as it becomes available. The Ainsworth National Sales and Management team is available by phone and email, should you wish to contact them directly and further discuss. 

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) 

Whilst no formal return process is in place, if you have excess stock, particularly unopened kegs of wine, please get in touch with your TWE representative. 


Several important changes have been made to assist you and your business during this time: 

  • If you have suspended trade, your account will be placed on hold until you resume trade – licence adjustments will also be made retrospectively to reflect any period our music was not used. 
  • If you continue to trade but there have been changes to your music use, we will amend your licence to reflect this immediately if you contact us. 
  • OneMusic are open to discussing flexible credit arrangements.  

Despite OneMusic offices being closed, their staff are on hand to assist you. You can contact OneMusic on email ( or jump on live chat (between 9am-7pm). 

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) 

CUB will provide you with credits on full kegs that have been purchased from CUB. Credits will be net of logistics costs, which will be minimal. Each full keg must have sealed brand caps. The credits will be issued upon return of the kegs.  

CUB will provide you with details next week of how to register your kegs, including the information needed from you. CUB is setting up their systems now to ensure that this can be done efficiently. 

CUB will work to collect as soon as possible, but due to significant logistics constraints around Australia, and the anticipated high volume of requests, it may take some time to pick up the kegs. CUB will work with you on this. 

CUB will also provide credits for any tank beer you have. 

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