Liquor & Gaming Compliance Services

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Quarterly Audits

Premium Service

Our Compliance Auditors examine each requirement for successful adherence to liquor and gaming regulation. Following the audit, a succinct report is provided highlighting areas of non-compliance with steps to rectify, as well as best practice recommendations to improve club compliance and operations. 

L&G Club Compliance Fundamentals

Premium Service

This training fills in the gaps of the RSA and RCG course providing club-specific examples for managing intoxicated patrons, requirements exclusive to the clubs, and the handling of potential minors.  

This training provides a clear introduction to the nuances of the club industry for new staff members.

Signage (Digital & Print)

Premium members are provided ClubSAFE branded signage and collateral without charge including counselling services, liquor exclusion and signage for minors, all demonstrating the club's commitment to best practice.

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