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ClubsNSW invites your venue to sign up for ClubPASS™, the digital sign-in system designed specifically for clubs. All your venue needs is an internet connection — no ClubPASS hardware is required.

ClubsNSW is constantly innovating to help clubs streamline their operations and your venue's use of ClubPASS will provide your club with valuable insights into how patrons use your venue whilst providing an easy-to-use sign-in experience for patrons and staff. 

Be one of the first venues to use ClubPASS and help us in our mission to innovate the sign-in experience for all NSW club patrons. 

Register Your Venue   ClubPASS FAQs

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What does ClubPASS provide? 

ClubPASS offers patrons the quickest and easiest sign-in experience within participating NSW clubs. Leveraging the QR code technology that patrons already use daily, the ClubPASS mobile app fits seamlessly into the increasingly digital lifestyle of all Australians. 

ClubPASS makes it easier for patrons to sign into your venue and complete their COVID-Safe check-in via a single scan of the ClubPASS QR code on display. No additional QR code scan is needed, as the ClubPASS process works seamlessly to complete the COVID-Safe check-in with the Service NSW app. 

The ClubPASS admin portal allows you to download the patron entry register data, as well as details of all patrons who have entered your club. Secure data protection is in place to ensure that only you have access to the interactions your patrons have had with your venues. 

ClubPASS detects the membership status and residential radius of patrons entering your club, producing a digital visitor slip if they reside outside 5km, and directly confirming entry for members. Patrons without membership, entering within the 5km radius, are directed to see club staff for membership conversion. Choose the level of patron ID verification and supported ID documents that will be applied to patrons entering your club. 

Clubs that use ClubPASS will be onboarded with a more detailed and robust club profile for patrons to view in the app, including facilities, opening hours and membership benefits. Club management can maintain their club profiles via the ClubPASS administration panel. 

Participating clubs receive comprehensive onboarding upon setup, including administrator and user guides as well as ongoing phone and email technical support available via ClubASSIST. 

ClubPASS users can download and set up a single ClubPASS account profile themselves, link their specific club memberships to their profile and use their ClubPASS account to gain entry to any participating ClubPASS club. Configured individually for participating clubs, your staff can verify the accuracy of the patron’s ClubPASS profile details when they present for the first time or if their profile changes.