ClubPASS FAQ for Venues

ClubPASS is a new digital sign-in solution designed specifically for NSW clubs to help make the welcome experience for patrons and staff quicker and easier.

You can register you club for here. ClubsNSW will configure your club’s profile and be in touch to complete your setup.

ClubPASS gives users a quick, easy and contactless sign-in experience that is consistent across all participating clubs. ClubPASS also requires no additional hardware as it operates within a browser – all your venue needs is an internet connection.

ClubPASS can also run alongside a venue’s existing sign-in system so the transition to ClubPASS can be as smooth as possible for patrons and staff. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the Service NSW COVID-Safe check-in system and the multi-venue self-exclusion (MVSE) program.

After a patron scans your venue’s unique ClubPASS QR code and completes the sign-in process, they are prompted within the ClubPASS app to complete their Service NSW COVID-Safe check-in without the need to scan a separate QR code. This ensures your club continues to meet the current NSW Government requirements.

Yes. ClubPASS can work alongside your existing sign-in solution allowing those who have the ClubPASS app to sign-in themselves, while still providing other patrons with your existing sign-in experience.

ClubsNSW is here to support the complete onboarding and implementation of ClubPASS into your venue. All of the training and marketing material required to successfully integrate ClubPASS into your venue is provided by ClubsNSW, and if you or your staff have any issues, you can email the ClubASSIST team.

​​​​​​Clubs can enjoy ClubPASS for free right now, with paid subscriptions to the platform commencing from 1 January, 2022. Billing can be conducted quarterly, half yearly or annually. Pricing is based on club size as per below:

 Club Size (Based on Number of Members) Cost of ClubPASS
 Small (1-1500 Members)  $150 per quarter ($600 per annum)
 Medium (1501–10,000 Members) $300 per quarter ($1,200 per annum)
 Large (10,000+ Members) $600 per quarter ($2,400 per annum)

ClubsNSW will host and therefore have access to information of members and patrons who use ClubPASS. ClubsNSW will use de-personalised data for obtaining industry trend and patron behavioural insights.

Individual clubs will only have access to information provided by their club patrons, and entry records pertaining to interactions of patrons of their clubs. No club will be provided with or have access to patron data and record of entry data outside of data that has originated within the use of ClubPASS and their club. 

The ClubPASS app is available to both Apple and Android phone users and is free for all patrons. Patrons can find out more information about ClubPASS here.

You can send your question(s) to ClubASSIST at and someone will contact you shortly.