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Thank you for your choosing ClubPASS as your club’s sign-in solution. Please complete the brief form below and ensure that you have the following information ready to successfully complete your venue’s ClubPASS registration:

  • A photo/image of your club’s logo and a hero photo/image of your club

  • A photo/image of your club’s membership card 

  • A photo/PDF of your Service NSW QR Code poster

  • Full name and email address of who will be your venue’s ClubPASS administrator and your primary front of house ClubPASS user.


Contact Details — these must be the contact details of who will sign your ClubPASS contract.
Contact Name
Club Address
This description of 150 words or less will appear to users within the ClubPASS app. 
Please being the URL with: https://...
Club Trading Hours:

Please detail exact hours of trade each day of the week (e.g: Monday: 9am–10pm). If you are closed any day of the week, please type Closed.

Social Media URL's
Rectangle image sized at 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high. JPEG or PNG file less than 500k. We recommend a high quality external photo of the club or location inside in the club.
Upload requirements