ClubSAFE Service Benefits

ClubSAFE has been designed and developed for clubs after extensive consultation with the industry, as well as state and federal government organisations. This ensures the program provides your venues with the essential services and training to operate with best practice, protecting your patrons, staff, and club, and preventing adverse regulatory action. 


Responsible Gambling

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium

As a step to taking control of gambling, ClubSAFE MVSE offers patrons the ability to self-exclude from gaming areas in clubs and pubs close to where the participant lives, works and socialises.

ClubSAFE member clubs and gambling counsellors can access this service and offer individuals the choice of self-exclusion facilitation at their local club or through their nearest Responsible Gambling Fund gambling counselling service.

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium

ClubSAFE MVSE training provides venue staff with:

  • knowledge, practical experience and best practice,

  • assistance in facilitating a self-exclusion from initial decision to completion, and

  • updates on revocation and/or amendments to the ClubSAFE MVSE deed, 3rd party requests and breach procedures.

The training includes insights on the typical behaviours staff may come across in a self-exclusion situation and an explanation of the technical side of the online system. This training ensures that the self-exclusion is a positive experience.

Delivery: Online. Phone and face-to-face is also available, bookings required.

Duration: 1 hour (approx.)

Availability: 8:30am–5:30pm

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium 

If a self-excluded person wishes to terminate their self-ban prior to the original stated expiry date of exclusion, ClubSAFE counsellors will conduct a professional assessment of the suitability of the client’s revocation. Unless the client’s circumstances are extenuating, ClubSAFE counsellors are unlikely to support an early exit from self-exclusion.

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium 

ClubSAFE provides a crisis counselling and local referral service for our member clubs. Callers requiring face-to-face counselling are subsequently referred to a local counselling service funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF). Once in touch with a local service, a patron can receive ongoing support free-of-charge.

Additional Counselling Services

  • Support for family members of people with a gambling problem
  • Support for non-English speaking patrons
  • Phone support for club management and staff
  • Crisis intervention counselling (ClubSAFE Premium only)

Availability: 8:30am–5:30pm

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium 

ClubSAFE can assist your Club with queries relating to harm minimisation and help develop policies and procedures that satisfy the expectations of Liquor & Gaming NSW and your local community.

The ClubSAFE team will work with club staff to increase their understanding of best practice guidelines and legislation and provide recommendations on what policies and procedures need to be implemented throughout the venue.

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium 

Currently in NSW there isn’t an option for 3rd Party Exclusion within Legislation. ClubsNSW is working with government to develop a model suitable for NSW.

When club staff are approached by a concerned family member or friend of a person with a suspected gambling problem, we recommend taking following steps:

  1. Refer the request to a responsible manager who can approach the family member and explain the self-exclusion procedures of the Club. 
  2. Inform the family member that the Club has no legal right to exclude patrons on the advice of a third-party (consistent with the advice in the Liquor & Gaming NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling Student Manual). 
  3. Discuss the range of support options in the area including providing details of the ClubSAFE counselling service. 
  4. Record the contact details of the family member and the interactions using the third-party approach form in the ClubSAFE Manual
  5. Contact the ClubSAFE Counselling Line and provide them with the relevant details.  

ClubSAFE will work with family to provide additional support and assistance on a case-by-case basis to determine the best course of action. 

ClubSAFE will also work with the Club to assist in making an approach to the person of interest and ensure that all harm minimisation policies are adhered to.

Other Exclusion Services

ClubSAFE cooperates with all providers of self-exclusion services. The ClubSAFE team believes that for the long-term interests of people with a gambling problem, a single system for delivery of self-exclusion has to be an ultimate goal for all stakeholders. As the peak industry body, ClubsNSW believes its MVSE system places ClubSAFE well to deliver on this goal. Until this is achieved, ClubsNSW continues to work with alternate providers wherever practical.

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium

Our Compliance Auditors examine each requirement for successful adherence to liquor and gaming regulation. Following the audit, a succinct report is provided highlighting areas of non-compliance with steps to rectify, as well as best practice recommendations to improve club compliance and operations.


Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing

Included in: ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium

Members will have access to industry leading platforms to meet legislation obligations to undertake due diligence checks on patrons deemed high risk, who transact large sums of money, or to onboard new patrons.

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium, purchasable for ClubSAFE+

To ensure ClubSAFE Premium members have a fit-for-purpose and effective AML/CTF program in place, new members will have their program reviewed by an expert consultant. Those without a program will have one developed for them.  

Following this, the ClubSAFE team will support the club to ensure the program’s effective implementation through its venue and operations. 

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium, purchasable for ClubSAFE+

AUSTRAC requires clubs to undertake an independent review of their program’s effectiveness and implementation throughout operations. ClubSAFE coordinates your independent review, using experts entirely separate to the development and implementation of the program. 


Liquor & Gaming Compliance

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium, purchasable for ClubSAFE+

ClubSAFE’s expert Liquor & Gaming auditors will conduct quarterly audits covering a range of compliance requirements of your venue across liquor, gaming, registered clubs, and various other legislative obligations. They will provide a succinct report on the day with best practice recommendations and advice to rectify any identified concerns.

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium, purchasable for ClubSAFE+

Have an expert review conducted of your Liquor & Gaming policies and procedures to ensure a strong foundation for safe and compliant practices throughout your venue.

Included in: ClubSAFE Premium, purchasable for ClubSAFE+

The provision of digital incident registers is considered best practice due to many benefits over the L&GNSW issued books. ClubSAFE will provide industry leading digital incident register software for use on desktops and mobile devices to streamline your incident report across your club and group.


Other Services

Included in: ClubSAFE Standard, ClubSAFE+ and ClubSAFE Premium

The ClubSAFE Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological well-being of all employees at our ClubSAFE clubs.

There is no legal requirement for employers to provide such a service. However, the aim is to provide preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and/or resolution of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect performance and well-being. 

The ClubSAFE Premium EAP service is delivered by an experienced and highly qualified psychologist who can provide counselling to employees for a broad range of issues including:

  • problems with gambling, alcohol and/or drugs,
  • grief – death of a family member, friend or work colleague,
  • depression, anxiety and/or stress (work-related or otherwise),
  • trauma from armed robberies or assaults, and
  • relationships – avoiding a break-up or dealing with issues from a break-up.

The ClubSAFE Employee Assistance Program is available by appointment. Please contact Dr Judi Single via or 0437 784 821.