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Staff Awareness Training

The ClubSAFE Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) training has been designed to provide an understanding of how to identify, prevent, mitigate and report money laundering and terrorism financing in a club. 

A requirement of the AML/CTF program includes Risk Awareness training for employees and can be extended to include directors, senior management, agents and consultants. 
The AML/CTF awareness training can be delivered either online, regional training seminar or in-house (Premium only).

The course is $50.00 (excl. GST) per staff member. ClubSAFE Premium Members receive this as part of their Premium Package.

To register for the ClubSAFE AML/CTF Online Training download the registration template, and email back to ClubSAFE team.

Cancellation policy : No refunds, transfer to an alternative attendee only.

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Compliance Officer Course

Under the AML/CTF Act and AUSTRAC Rules, clubs with more than 15 EGMs must appoint a AML/CTF Compliance Officer from their senior management level.

ClubSAFE provides a one-day, comprehensive AML/CTF Compliance Officer training course that explains the role, equips the participant with the tools needed to achieve and maintain AML/CTF compliance and respond effectively to AUSTRAC’s Annual Compliance Report. ClubsNSW also provides:

  • AML/CTF staff awareness training delivered either online, regional training seminar or in-house (Premium only)
  • recommendations on service providers to assist clubs in developing a compliant AML/CTF Program
  • assistance conducting an independent review of your club’s AML/CTF Program
  • advice and assistance on AML/CTF compliance

AML/CTF Advisory Hotline

ClubsNSW offers telephone and email support for Members relating to AML/CTF matters and issues. Advice and support can be provided for a range of topics, including:

  • AML/CTF program content
  • program implementation
  • changes to legislation
  • responses to AUSTRAC notices
  • changes to designated services or channels
  • staff awareness training
  • board and senior management oversight. 

Annual Health Check 

Premium Service

Under the AML/CTF Act and AUSTRAC Rules, a club with more than 15 EGMs must have its AML/CTF program assessed annually against its money laundering risks and obligations. The health check consists of a preliminary desk-based review of Parts A and B of a Club’s AML/CTF program, the ML/TF Risk Assessment, policies and procedures. 

AML/CTF Program 

Premium Service 

Under the AML/CTF Act and AUSTRAC Rules, a club with more than 15 EGMs must have an AML/CTF program in place. ClubSAFE can recommend providers to ensure that clubs are meeting their legal obligations.

Independent Review (Bi-annual) 

Premium Service 

Under the AML/CTF Act and AUSTRAC Rules, a Club with more than 15 EGMs is required to undertake an independent review to assess the effectiveness of its AML/CTF program and compliance with the Rules.

Appointed by the Club, the independent reviewer should have no vested interest in the outcome of the review, or have worked or been involved with the Club’s AML/CTF program. The Australian Standard for Compliance Programs (AS: 3806) recommends that the review should be conducted in accordance with good review and audit practices. The review should be carried out by a competent person who is free from bias and conflict of interest.

Money laundering, terrorism financing and serious financial crime are very real issues with very real impacts on the lives of everyday Australians. They also create regulatory and reputational risks for the club industry, especially due to the conduct of gambling and high levels of cash transitions.

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