Liquor & Gaming Compliance Services

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Signage (Digital & Print)

Providing member clubs with the necessary signage is not only important for ongoing compliance with the relevant legislation, it’s a vital opportunity to market and promote to your club members the services ClubSAFE provides on behalf of, and in collaboration with, your Club. Contact our team to request signage.

Quarterly Audits

Premium Service

Using the L&GNSW Compliance Audit template, our Compliance Auditors examine each requirement for successful adherence to the NSW Gaming regulations and legislation. The Club’s nominated recipient receives a comprehensive, easy-to-follow report after each on-site compliance audit. These reports cover all entrance and gaming requirements, ATM, CRT, TAB & Keno, bar and overall signage requirements with the option to include harm minimisation practices.

Front Reception Training

Premium Service

This training outlines the importance of the front reception being the face of your Club and the first touchpoint for all patrons. It focuses on policies and procedures around sign in for club members and their guests, contractors, minors as well as vigilance around attention to detail on checking IDs and membership cards.

The training provides a practical toolbox for effectively managing intoxicated patrons and questionable behaviour.

Duration: 1 hour approx. available face-to-face, bookings required.


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