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ClubSAFE wasn't born out of the need to satisfy legislative requirements, but from a passionate conviction to lead the club industry to a position of proactive self-governance.

The ClubsNSW ClubSAFE Standard program offers tools, training and services to support clubs concerned with gambling best practice. The ClubSAFE Premium level of service is continually growing and evolving as an outstanding provider of responsible gambling management services at a fraction of the price charged by other premium service providers.

Member Benefits

    Standard Premium
Audits Quarterly compliance auditing of your club  
  Additional compliance audits following major alterations  
  AMLCTF guidance and auditing  
Training MVSE training  
  AMLCTF training  
  Front reception training  
  Cultural competency training  
  DISC workplace training  
General Unlimited ClubSAFE signage and counselling cards
  Updates on legislation changes/compliance issues  
  Dedicated Member Service Executives  
  Harm minimisation soft screen images  
  Access to ClubSAFE Ambassador Nathan Hindmarsh for events  
  Ad-hoc legal advice on RCG issues  
Counselling Services Problem gambling counselling (face-to-face)  
  Crisis intervention counselling  
  Employee Assistance Program  
  24 hours a day/365 days a year phone counselling
  Phone support for club management and staff
  Support for family members of problem gamblers
  Support for non-English speaking patrons
Self-exclusion programs MVSE support 
  Self-exclusion revocations advice and support
  Alcohol self-exclusion advice and support
  Employee self-exclusion program 

ClubSAFE membership is calculated on the net gaming revenue of each venue. Discounts apply for amalgamated or additional premises. Click here to view subscription fees and conditions for discounts. For any enquiries regarding membership benefits or fees, contact the ClubSAFE team on 9268 3036.

The ClubSAFE Team

Anne Fitzgerald GAICD

Anne Fitzgerald GAICD

Executive Manager, Member Services

Jim Terrie

ClubSAFE Manager
Troy Stolz

Troy Stolz

ClubSAFE Senior Compliance Officer
Jeni Low

Jeni Low

ClubSAFE Clinical Services Manager
Susan Officer

Susan Officer

CLUBSAFE Member Services Executive