About Education

ClubsNSW offers a suite of education options for boards, managers and staff which have been written by, and for, those in the club industry.

With legislation, corporate governance requirements and the club industry changing so often, it is imperative that boards keep their skills and knowledge up to date. ClubsNSW delivers all of the training courses face to face, and a number are also available for completion online. 

ClubPATHWAYS is the overarching identity for all the ClubsNSW Learning and Development Programs, encompassing training for directors, leaders and general club staff.

For all enquiries relating to training courses, learning and development, please contact the ClubsNSW Member Services team.

ClubPATHWAYS is the overarching identity for all the ClubsNSW Education Programs, encompassing training for all stages of a club career.

There are three ClubPATHWAYS — directors, leaders and club staff. Together they support:

  • skilled and educated directors driving governance

  • leaders managing professional operations

  • club staff embracing innovation and change

Full details of the modules within each stream are detailed in the ClubPATHWAYS Education Brochure, with a brief overview below:

ClubPATHWAYS Overview

The Education Team

Ron Browne

Ron Browne

Manager - Professional Development
Debbie Organ

Debbie Organ

Learning & Development Executive
Delna Dugdale

Delna Dugdale

Learning & Development Specialist