Leader Training

Leaders are the people who drive our industry forward, rise rapidly through the ranks, distinguished by their strength of vision, desire and natural talent.

The following Leadership Training Pathways options are facilitated by ClubsNSW-preferred accredited training partners Barringtons and Allied Risk. For all enquiries relating to education, learning and development, please contact the ClubsNSW Member Services team.

Leadership Training Essentials

Job Ready - Cert III Level, Barringtons
This course can provide access to the next level of training and qualification in your journey. The focus is on key Certificate III level skill sets required to ensure you understand how best to deliver the outstanding service that customers expect. The skill sets build towards a full qualification in the discipline of your choice — hospitality or business administration.

Working Smart - Cert III Level, Barringtons
Delivered via five one-day sessions over a year, the Working Smart program is aimed at industry employees looking to formalise their knowledge at the Certificate III Level in hospitality and business administration. Workplace assessment ensures that trainees are getting on-the-job experience and are assessed by their managers, who are most likely seasoned industry professionals

Leadership Programs

Leadership Foundation - Cert IV Level, Barringtons 
This program has been developed jointly by Barringtons and ClubsNSW to provide team leaders and supervisors the first stepping stone to a career in leadership and management for the hospitality industry. The focus is on developing the skill sets for managing frontline staff through building effective teams, implementing operational plans, and ensuring exceptional customer service delivery. This Certificate IV level program is a single two-day workshop, delivered in a club, where you will gain valuable insight into how these leadership strategies can positively impact your workforce, the club and then the community.

Leadership Excellence - Cert IV Level, Allied Risk
 This 12-month program is designed to nurture leadership qualities of staff at all levels within the organisation. A realignment of focus for team leaders and supervisors, through performance management, rekindles their passion to contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives. The program focuses on staff management, working through the pillars of organisational leadership, management principles and adaptive leadership styles to lead a diverse and active labour force. Leadership Excellence develops the individual to achieve their highest potential, accelerating succession for future leaders better aligned with the club’s corporate vision, mission and goals. 

Future Club Leaders

Diploma of Hospitality Management, Human Resources or Leadership and Management - Barringtons
In 2012, Barringtons and ClubsNSW combined to develop a tailored, industry-focused program that would mould and create the future CEOs/General Managers of the club industry. Rather than focus purely on management skills, this program aims to deliver leaders who will take the industry through the 21st century and deliver it safely and sustainably for future generations. With the aim that ‘changing just one person per club can change an industry’, this program focuses on the key issues of policy and government relations, networking with business and communities, delivering a culture of innovation and change, and understanding and managing media (especially social media), to the benefit of the club and its members.

Successful completion of the Hospitality Management program will provide participants with up to 50% credit at Southern Cross University towards a Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management degree. The other qualifications provide up to 35% credit forward to the same degree.

Duty Manager

Duty Manager (Operations) - Dip. Hospitality, Allied Risk
This 12 month Duty Manager (Operations) course is accredited as a Diploma in Hospitality and delivered as four sessions of two days, producing leaders who will competently step up, administer and manage various portfolios; identify and develop organisational standards; integrate human resources and operational efficiencies in line with their clubs’ business objectives. Content focuses on operational excellence for middle to senior management staff moving up the leadership pathway. Some of the initiatives engage managers to focus on performance rather than task management, establishing and measuring performance values for operational efficiency in the workplace and developing and delivering a culture of excellence in standards and service, change management, financial management and managing staff performance and culture.

Duty Manager (Risk & Compliance) - Coaching & Mentoring Program, Allied Risk
This 24-month program aligns organisational strategy with operational efficiency, ensuring measurable outcomes for the club and the individual. The key focus is on issues of workflow methods, business standards, performance and deliverables, reporting guidelines and creating a culture of innovation and change aligned with the club’s strategic direction. Risk management and mitigation, application of legal, operational and administrative responsibilities are incorporated into individual’s KPIs and performance reviews. Through weekly coaching sessions these milestones, targets and other outcomes are continually reviewed, ensuring individual accountability for delivering both individual and organisational benefits.

Final Frontier

Bachelor of Business - Barringtons
ClubsNSW and Barringtons’ Future Club Leaders Diploma in Hospitality has been negotiated to deliver its graduates up to 50% credit towards the Bachelor of Business (International Hospitality Management) degree. This means that you can enter this degree with a credit transfer of 12 units, leaving only 12 units to complete, with responsible gaming being the main focus. Delivered by Southern Cross University, this degree will take approximately 18 months to complete via part time or distance learning. Industry experts in the gaming area are involved in the development and delivery of the subjects, core to understanding gaming on a national and international level.