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ClubsNSW understands the Coronavirus crisis is creating extreme uncertainty for clubs, affecting trade and unsettling individual club members. ClubsNSW will attempt to provide relevant information to clubs to assist in the management of what is a very unpredictable situation.

Rest assured, we are working as closely as we can with Government to obtain the most up-to-date advice. Because the Government’s position is rapidly shifting, we have established this page to provide regular updates and advice as the situation eventuates. For specific questions relating to a club's individual circumstances, please contact the Member Enquiries Centre by email or phone (1300 730 001). 

ClubsNSW is working closely with the NSW and Australian Governments to ensure decisions are made with regard for the interests of clubs.




 8:00pm, 31st March, 2021

Member clubs are advised that, today, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced new restrictions on clubs in the local government areas (LGAs) of Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Tweed. 

The restrictions commenced at 5pm today, Wednesday, 31 March 2021, and are in response to cases of COVID-19 transmission detected in Byron Bay. 

It should be noted that the public health order giving effect to the Premier’s announcement was published after 5pm. For more information please read Circular 21-054.

2:45pm, 29th March, 2021

Member clubs are advised that the NSW Government has issued a new Public Health Order and made key changes to the COVID-19 safety checklist. 

These changes, which come into effect today, reflect the easing of restrictions announced by the Premier on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, as described in Circular 21-050. These changes include permitting dancefloors, removing caps for significant events (e.g. weddings) and increasing the capacity of indoor seated entertainment events to 100 per cent.  

Importantly, the new Public Health Order and checklist include additional changes which were not announced last week, including the permitting of buffets, the removal of the requirement to have a COVID-19 marshal, the simplification of physical distancing requirements, and the adoption of a new checklist format. 

New COVID-19 safety checklists 

Clubs are advised that the relevant checklist for clubs is now a generic Hospitality COVID Safety Plan, rather than a checklist specific to clubs and pubs. 

Clubs are reminded that the Public Health Order requires businesses to use the most up-to-date checklist. 

Capacity restrictions now eased 

Under the changes, clubs are required to determine capacity in accordance with 1 patron per 2 square metres, with no additional upper limit. These rules for working out maximum capacity apply to significant events such as weddings, as well as regular club activities. 

New physical distancing requirements 

The physical distancing requirements have been simplified to state that a venue must support 1.5m physical distancing where possible. The new wording includes further flexibility, which better reflects the density limit of 1 patron per 2 square metres. 

Buffets now permitted 

As per the changes in the checklist, clubs may now operate buffets or other self-serve options. 

Dancefloors now permitted 

Dancefloors are no longer prohibited. The capacity of a dancefloor must not exceed 1 patron per 2 square metres. 

Indoor entertainment 

Clubs which hold entertainment events (e.g. live music or theatre) may now permit 100 per cent capacity on the condition that the event is ticketed and attendees are assigned to specific seats. If either of these conditions are not met, the limit of 1 patron per 2 square metres applies. 

3:45pm, 24th March, 2021

The NSW Government will permit dancefloors in venues and remove upper caps on wedding and wakes state-wide from Monday, 29 March 2021.

In announcing these forthcoming changes earlier today, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian foreshadowed that the relaxation of restrictions across the state will coincide with additional compliance inspections by police and regulators.


The Premier’s announcement means that from Monday, 29 March, clubs may open dancefloors. The restrictions are subject to the physical distancing requirement of 1 person per 2 square metres.

Weddings and other significant events

Further, clubs that host weddings, wakes, funerals and other memorial services may determine capacity based on the 2 square metres rule, with no upper limit. Clubs may also permit dancefloors at weddings. The number of people on a dancefloor — at a wedding or during regular trading — must not exceed 1 patron per 2 square metres.

Indoor entertainment

As per the Premier’s announcement, from Monday, 29 March, clubs which hold live entertainment in an indoor seated setting may permit 100 per cent capacity, on the condition that patrons are assigned to a specific seat. If a venue holds live entertainment indoors and the audience is not assigned to specific seats (e.g. if patrons stand), capacity is determined in accordance with the 2 square metres rule.

These rules also apply to other types of entertainment held in indoor seated facilities (e.g. theatres).

COVID-19 safety plan

Clubs are encouraged to ensure that their COVID-19 safety plan is based on the most up-to-date checklist. 

1:00pm, 10th March, 2021

Member clubs are advised that, further to Circular 21-038, the NSW Government has now permitted outdoor ANZAC Day marches and services of up to 3000 people to be held across NSW, including in Greater Sydney.

1:00pm, 9th March, 2021

Member clubs are advised that the NSW Government has created an exemption under the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2021 allowing large ANZAC Day marches or services to be held outside of Greater Sydney between 18 and 25 April 2021. Read more in Circular 21-038.

In order to provide clubs with clear and up-to-date information, we've catalogued past advice by date below. 


3rd February 10th February 12th February 

Density cap for clubs in ‘Greater Sydney’ foreshadowed to revert to 1 patron per 2 square metres


Easing of restrictions for
clubs in ‘Greater Sydney’ 


Updated COVID-19 Safety Plan

23 February 26th February  

Easing of restrictions foreshadowed for drinking and standing, dancing and singing

 Updated Public Health Order  
2nd January 3rd January 15th January 

Southern Zone of the Northern Beaches to have restrictions eased


Further information regarding the wearing of face masks


Updated COVID-19 Safety Plan

27th January 29th January  

Easing of restrictions for capacities and Weddings and memorial services

 Updated COVID-19 safety checklist reflecting restrictions changing  

2020 Updates

2nd December 7th December 8th December 

NSW Premier announced a major easing of COVID-19 restrictions in hospitality venues


New COVID-19 Safety Checklist


JobMaker Hiring Credit program registrations are now open

20th December 21 December 23rd December 
Reimposition of the 4 square metre rule and the 300 patron internal capacity limits on hospitality venues in Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains Updated COVID-19 safety checklist & the Reimposition of restrictions on hospitality venues Changes to restrictions and requirements in the Public Health Order regarding the Mandatory Service NSW app & Capacity and density restrictions  
29th December 30th December   
Further information on the Service NSW app  Restrictions introduced for the Christmas trading period have been extended   
5th November 11th November 18th November 

Media reports on QR code digital sign-in


Mandatory Digital Sing-In
For Clubs


NSW Government has delivered the 2020-2021 Budget

20th November 25th November   
Electronic sign-in requirements Easing of restrictions in hospitality venues   
!6th October 19th October    

Higher density capacity in outdoor areas, Remembrance Day, Corporate events, 
Streamlined process to apply for footway dining


Restrictions eased, with bookings and group size and wedding capacities



1st September 2nd September 8th September 15th September

Coronavirus Economic Response Package



Update on NSW 

Health Contact tracing


New JobKeeper

resources available

 NSW Government Rolls-Out Check In App & JobKeeper 2.0 Ineligibility
29th September      
Maximum capacity of corporate events increased to 300 & Patrons may stand to play a game      
3rd August6th August7th August12th August
COVID-19: Face Masks
& Deep Cleaning

COVID-19: Update on Facemasks, JobKeeper 2.0, Virtual Meetings & Great Southern Nights

Eligibility Amendments 

Income Tax: Treatment of JobKeeper Under Mutuality
18th August19th August21st August27th August
JobKeeper -
New Employee
Enforcement of
the Public Health Order
& Updated community
sports advice
JobKeeper ResourcesJobKepper Extension & Eligibility
1st July 7th July 8th July 

Residents from Victoria hotspots,Ongoing compliance with the restrictions & Further Information on the Public Healthy Order 

 Restrictions on people who have
been in Victoria, Update on Courtesy vehicles
& Small Business Grants
 Public Health Order On Individuals
Who Were In Victoria
10th July 12th July 17th July

Public Health Order On Individuals Who Were In Victoria, Investigation into the
Golden Sheaf Hotel & Crossroads Hotel, Changes To Border Control Order

 Tougher Restrictions Imposed
On Hotels In NSW, 
Penalties & warning for noncompliance
 NSW Government announced additional restrictions
21st July 24th July 28th July
JobKeeper Extension Updated public health order and new restrictions which apply to clubs from today. Updated COVID-19 safety requirements


2nd June10th June12th June

COVID-19 safety plan, Club Industry Reopening Pack, Relief from Foxtel subscription fees in June, Responsible Gambling Advice.


COVID SAFE business certification,
Course on COVID SAFE food service
Changes to the Australian Government’s Three Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia
15th June18th June24th June

NSW Government To Further Ease
Restrictions On Clubs

Gaming Machine Tax Assessment Notices & 
2019 AUSTRAC Compliance Reports due 30 June 2020
Clarification On Activities Inside Clubs
6th May 8th May11th May12th May
COVID-19 guidance materials on work health and safety (WHS) and sports. 

 NSW Government's Three-Step Roadmap For Businesses To Reopen

Laws Permitting Clubs To Hold Virtual Member's Meetings

10-person cap in club dining facilities, Payroll tax on JobKeeper

13th May 14th May20th May22nd May
NSW Premier's Comments On Cafes & Restaurants In Clubs  NSW Government Permits Clubs To Operate Dining Facilities With Restrictions In Place, JobKeeper Payments for Employees Aged 16 or 17 Years OldGaming-related Payment DeferralsNSW Government To Ease Restrictions On Clubs & Club Industry Reopening Pack
27th May 29th May30th May 
Further Information On Easing Of Restrictions On Clubs  Updated NSW Health Checklist  Legislation For Clubs Reopening On 1 June 2020  




1st April2nd April3rd April6th April
NSW Office Of Sport announces Golf Courses and Bowling Greens Can Remain OpenAward Variation as Proposed from the Fair Work Commission JobKeeper update, COVID-19 Industry Shutdown Survey, In-person monthly board meetings and Employment opportunities for stood-down or redundant club staff.Information on small business grants & Sky Fees suspensions and updates
7th April8th April9th April14th April
Information regarding public holiday payments and stood down employees, and Update on JobKeeper legislationClubsNSW Industry Address, ClubsNSW Counselling   Service for clubs and their staff, CDI Spotlight Podcast, Club Employers Mutual Relief,  Grants for combating social isolation among seniorsUpdated government legislation for employers participating in the JobKeeper scheme and employees receiving JobKeeper paymentsUpdated JobKeeper Payments Enrolment Process and Eligibility For Employers & Employees 
15th April20th April24th April28th April
NSW government announces Liquor Licence fee WaiverUpdate on ANZAC Day event cancellations and ClubsNSW Made Local: ANZAC Day InitiativeSmall Business Grants, Information & Eligibility for Clubs.JobKeeper Update & Accessing Loans, ClubsNSW events updates & cancellations


16th March17th March18th March19th March

Managing patrons, managing staff, stimulus packages , media assistance and cancellation of commercial contracts.


Government advice for employers, complying with regulatory requirements, and cancellation of ClubsNSW events.100-person limits, enclosed area definition, social distancing advice, scaling down, and enhancing cleanlinessWorkforce planning advice, business recovery advice, enforcement about unlawful gatherings and ClubGRANTS.
20th March22nd March23rd March24th March
ATO and loan deferrals, status of staff in the kitchen and further restrictions on gatherings. Forced closure, workforce arrangements under forced shutdown and advice on available government assistance.Communication with staff around forced closure, workforce options during stand down, status of ClubGRANTS, ASIC no-action on AGMs, takeaway advice, and relief for trading insolvent.Members of the public can play golf and bowls on courses and greens, as permitted by the government.
25th March26th March27th March30th March
Initial update and eligibility on government payments and leave entitlements for employees in registered clubs.JobSeeker Allowance and Coronavirus Supplement - Update, update on trading while insolvent & AML/CTF 2019 compliance report.Gaming machine tax and payroll tax deferral, Tabcorp fee suspension, AUSTRAC advice on 2019 AML/CTF Compliance Report Initial announcement on new JobKeeper Wage Subsidy for employers. Legislation is yet to be published or enacted.
31st March   
JobKeeper Scheme – Further Information on employee eligibility, superannuation, payment timeframes and next steps.   




For more information or any questions, please contact the ClubsNSW Members Enquiries Centre

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