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The Club Education Institute (CEI) is the peak educational body for clubs that keeps you, your people and our industry at the forefront of modern business. It’s bespoke and tailored course and resource offering provides CEOs, executives and operational managers best-practice education in all areas of club operations and beyond.

There’s never been a more critical time to invest in our people’s knowledge and skills. It’s why ClubsNSW has expanded the successful Club Directors Institute (CDI) to provide a comprehensive educational offering to CEOs, executive and operational managers, as well as all front-line club staff.

With over 20 essential courses, CEI offers all the best parts of the former CDI plus a range of new learning and development opportunities, which will continue to build your knowledge and capacity in your current role, while also preparing you for a pathway in the industry.

What are the benefits of CEI membership?

The Club Education Institute (CEI) provides access to more than $1000 in educational benefits for a small investment of $220 per annum. 

This ensures investment in critical knowledge and skill areas like crisis management, discrimination, sexual harassment, whistle blower policy and more. 

When you become a CEI member, you will receive access to:

  • CEI regional seminars 
  • Three CEI-exclusive webinars annually
  • Leadership in Action course 
  • Induction to Club Industry course 
  • Director Induction course 
  • Club Intelligence resources
  • Club Leadership Framework
  • A digital CEI membership badge for use in your digital communications and online profiles
  • Three editions of Club Education Magazine annually

Plus up to 50 per cent off all ClubsNSW training programs such as the essential Mandatory Director Training (MDT) and Governance Refresher for Directors, Media and Crisis Management courses, and safety and risk mitigation courses.


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NB: only users with 'primary contact' or 'web user admin' access can renew memberships and register staff for CDI membership



What can I access in my CEI membership?

The following Leadership Training Pathway options are facilitated by ClubsNSW or our preferred accredited training partner, Barringtons. 

Programs and Courses

This course focuses on understanding the importance of crisis communication planning and practice for your club. Learn to identify operational risks and tailor your communication plan. Establish your communication team members and roles, and ensure you have a toolbox of crisis communication protocols, statement templates and checklists to ensure your club is equipped to handle any crisis. Test your crisis management communication plan in a scenario-based setting and refine your crisis management response.

This course is suitable for clubs that do not currently have a crisis team or management plan and is targeted at senior leadership teams to build a communication plan. 


Cost (full day tailored for your club at your premises): $6700 (up to 8 attendees) 
Special Offer: A discount of $100 to full day tailored course applies for each CEI Member attending. 
Additional attendees (9-12): $400 per CEI member, $600 per Non CEI member 

Attendance to Scheduled Club sessions
Cost Per Person: CEI Members — $850 per person. Non-CEI Members — $1100.

Delivery: Face-to-face — full day 
Capacity: 12 per session
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Improve your confidence and performance in media interviews and remove the fear of engaging with the media. This training involves instruction and a filmed interview with video clips provided for review and includes four hours of preparation, delivery and feedback reports. Templates are also provided for creating and delivering media grabs.

Suitable For: Media spokesperson/Chair/CEOs/secretary managers
Cost (half day tailored for your club at your premises): $6000 (up to five attendees)
Individual Costs: CEI Members — $1200 per person. Non-CEI Members — $1500. 
*additional costs may apply for regional travel
Number of Participants: 5 per session
Delivery: Face-to-face
Register your Interest: Contact

Leaders’ Responsibilities and Accountability for: 

  • Sexual harassment prevention 
    • With one in three people experience sexual harassment in the workplace, positive duties under WHS laws require leaders to do all they reasonably can to prevent sexual harassment from occurring at work.
  • Discrimination and bullying in the workplace  
    • The Fair Work Act prohibits an employer from taking adverse action against an employee or a prospective employee for discriminatory reasons, including their sex, race, religion or gender.
  • Whistle blower policy 
    • The Corporations act requires whistle blowers to be able to come forward with their concerns of misconduct of breaches of the law. 
  • Work health safety
    • When you make work health and safety (WHS) a priority, workers are more likely to make it a priority too.
  • Privacy
    • A leadership commitment to a culture of privacy is a foundation for good privacy governance.

CEI offers these five courses at a discounted membership rate to ensure you meet your compliance and regulatory requirements as leaders.

Cost Per Person: CEI Members — $110 for 5 courses. Non-CEI Members — $220 for 5 courses.
Delivery Mode: Online — self-paced
(Commencing August 2022)

These workshops and seminars focus on key governance skills such as strategic planning, club leadership, financial oversight, diversity, innovation and change, risk management, and networking.

Cost Per Person: CEI Members — Included with membership. Non-CEI Members — $140.

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Future Club Leader graduates can further advance their management skills with this training. Leaders must be innovative to lead in a disruptive market, manage club viability and growth, maximise club resources, sharpen financial acumen, successfully manage organisational change, and harness customer engagement for club success.

To be eligible for this training, you must be the General Manager or CEO of a club or have completed the Future Club Leader Program. 

This course is funded by Smart and Skilled. The registration costs are based on personal eligibility. 

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Rather than focusing solely on management skills, this program aims to produce leaders who will lead the industry through challenging times, while also ensuring its safety and sustainability for future generations. This program focuses on the key issues of policy and government relations, networking with business and communities, delivering a culture of innovation and change, and understanding and managing media (especially social media) to the benefit of the club and its members. 

This course is funded by Smart and Skilled. The registration costs are based on personal eligibility. 

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This 12-month program is designed to nurture leadership qualities of staff at all levels within the organisation. A realignment of focus for team leaders and supervisors, through performance management, rekindles their passion to contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives. The program focuses on staff management, working through the pillars of organisational leadership, management principles and adaptive leadership styles to lead a diverse and active labour force. Leadership Foundation develops the individual to achieve their highest potential, accelerating succession for future leaders better aligned with the club’s corporate vision, mission and goals. 

This course is funded by Smart and Skilled. The registration costs are based on personal eligibility. 

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This course is specifically designed to help women advance into management or senior roles in the club industry by providing a platform to build strong network ties and learn from industry experts. This course assists in the application of communication strategies, the support of personal development, the implementation of customer service strategies, and the application of critical thinking to work practises. To navigate the club industry, build and maintain business relationships while also managing personal health and wellbeing. 

This course is funded by Smart and Skilled. The registration costs are based on personal eligibility.

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Designed for executive chefs, sous chefs, and chef de partie who want to take the next step in their career towards kitchen success. The course is tailored to develop leadership skills while focusing on the most recent kitchen trends, understanding food trends and presentation techniques, increasing menu marketability, adapting to constant industry change, mentoring and empowering teams for success, and understanding and managing financial skills for a successful kitchen. 

This course is funded by Smart and Skilled. The registration costs are based on personal eligibility.

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How do I become a CDI member?

Club Education Institute membership is available now.

Existing member of CDI? To renew, the club's 'primary contact' or 'web user admin' should visit the Renewals section of Manage My Membership. To transfer a membership (to an incoming director/manager following the election to the board or change of employment), the club's 'primary contact' or 'web user admin' should visit the Directors/Staff section of Manage My Membership. Complimentary memberships can be assigned and managed through Manage My Membership too.

New members (non-CDI directors, CEOs, leaders and staff) can be added by the club's 'primary contact' or 'web user admin' during the renewals process, or at any time via Manage My Membership.  

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NB: only users with 'primary contact' or 'web user admin' access can renew memberships and register staff for CDI membership

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