Barringtons Courses 2023

Barringtons is passionate about developing career paths for individuals currently working in, entering, or considering employment in the club industry. Our main goal is to set a standard of excellence in service for club leaders across Australia - we aim to accomplish this through our hospitality training courses for Australian businesses.

In order to tackle such an exciting venture, we partnered up with industry-leaders ClubsNSW. This collaboration helps ensure our training has the input of leading professionals in the club community.

Australia’s Club Industry & Barringtons’ Partnership

Did you know that the club industry in Australia employs over 96,000 people? It's a particularly exciting field to enter as there’s ample opportunity for personal development and the diversity of job roles is unparalleled.

In conjunction with ClubsNSW, we deliver accredited hospitality, human resources and leadership & management training courses. The program provides industry education for all levels, while truly enabling access to experts whose goal is to guide those seeking a Pathway to Excellence. The objectives of this program (and partnership) are to:

  • Provide opportunity for personal development for people from all walks of life, including but not limited to school students, the unskilled, the unemployed, indigenous and disabled;
  • Provide a clear entry point for persons wishing to work in the club industry;
  • Provide a clear career path for persons within the club industry; and
  • Expose the ClubsNSW (Clubs Australia) brand and values -including community welfare, social inclusion, education, emergency services/disaster relief, health, sport and youth - to wider sectors of the community.

Cert IV Leadership and Management

Moama | Commenced 27th February

Orange | Commencing 8 May

Wagga Wagga | Commencing 29 May

VIP Host Management

Wednesday 1 March

Future Club Leaders

Batemans Bay | Commenced 11th April

Cooma | Commenced 17th April

Port Macquarie | Commencing 15 May

Casino Ballina | Commencing 15 May

Club Operations

Monday 1 May

Kitchen Leadership


Women in Club Operations


Visionary Leadership