CLUBS NSW Conference and Annual General Meeting 2022


2022 Your Local Club Perfect Plate Awards Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the 165 club eateries that participated in the 2022 Your Local Club Perfect Plate Awards. Winners in the 13 Regional and three Statewide categories have now been announced! Thank you to all the diners that voted for their favourite dishes in the competition. The Perfect Plate Awards will return in 2023. Until then, make sure you visit your local club for another delicious meal -

The ClubsNSW Premier's WWII Memorial Tour

Six Year 11 students have been selected to travel to Hiroshima, Tokyo and Pearl Harbor as part of the 11-day ClubsNSW Premier’s WWII Memorial Tour


Become a ClubPASS Venue

Provide your club’s patrons and staff with an effortless sign-in experience by registering for ClubPASS, the digital sign-in solution designed specifically for clubs. Find out more.

July ClubLIFE

In this issue of ClubLIFE, we take a look at what you can expect from the 2022 AGE. We cover the upcoming Clubs Australia Industrial WR&HR Conference, and examine the NSW budget and how it will benefit clubs.





You're always welcome at Your local club. There's no better place to get together with friends and family! Enjoy delicious food and drinks as well as fantastic entertainment, including live music or barefoot bowls. 

NSW clubs also support thousands of charities, employees, sporting teams, community groups and worthy causes through both cash and in-kind donations. They make weekend sport possible, support emergency volunteers and so much more.

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The Clubs & Community Awards recognise the outstanding social contributions made by clubs in their local communities.

Over the years, we have heard thousands of stories from our members about the amazing relationships clubs have both with individuals and groups within their local communities. The Clubs & Community Awards is an opportunity to share the stories, and celebrate them.

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Corporate innovation and digital disruption are the future and forms part of ClubsNSW' broader innovation strategy. Whilst clubs have always been a part of the community’s social fabric, we know how and where people spend their recreation time and money has become increasingly competitive. The ClubsTHRIVE accelerator program has the potential to transform how clubs do business and better support the communities in which they serve. With ClubsTHRIVE, we hope to uncover the next big idea for our industry which will ensure our members thrive and remain relevant. Follow ClubsTHRIVE and see how ClubsNSW is committed to driving greater engagement, growth and diversification for clubs.