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ClubLIFE October

In this month's Club Life, we bid farewell to an industry icon, former ClubsNSW Chairman Peter Newell. This edition also provides the latest COVID-19 updates including the recent relaxation on patron restrictions, everything you need to know about the government's draft harm minimisation legislation and much more. 
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COVID-19 - Coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis is ongoing, continuing to affect trading conditions. ClubsNSW regularly provides relevant information to clubs to assist in the management of this unpredictable situation.

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Find your local club, store your visitor memberships and more - the new ClubPASS app is a contactless experience that provides quick and easy access into ClubPASS venues.

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Welcome Back!

Your local club is back up and running. So welcome back to over 44,000 staff across NSW. Welcome back to family dinners, familiar faces, birthdays, catching up with friends, watching the footy and all those things we love and have missed during the lockdown.



Your local club is made local. We want you to share and show us how local clubs enrich community life - both inside the four walls of the clubs and outside them. We'll then use the best videos to create a series of short films showing what NSW loves most about their local clubs. 

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The Clubs & Community Awards recognise the outstanding social contributions made by clubs in their local communities.

Over the years, we have heard thousands of stories from our members about the amazing relationships clubs have both with individuals and groups within their local communities. The Clubs & Community Awards is an opportunity to share the stories, and celebrate them.

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