Club Gaming Code of Practice


The Club Gaming Code of Practice (‘the Code’) outlines the practices, rules, responsibilities, and minimum standards for responsible conduct of gambling and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (‘AML/CTF’) for the club industry. 

Only ClubsNSW members operating gaming machines are bound by the Code. 

Clubs can employ additional responsible gambling or AML/CTF measures above the standards outlined in the Code.

Third Party Exclusions

The Gaming Code of Practice introduces third party exclusions. Clubs and some family members are able to apply to involuntarily exclude a gaming patron from a venue if the patron is at risk of significant gaming harm. Information about how to initiate a third party exclusion can be found here.

Initiate a Third Party Exclusion


The Code commences on 1 July 2023. No complaints regarding a matter prior to this date will be considered. 

Conflict with Legislation 

Commonwealth and NSW legislation always prevails over the Code. If any provisions of the Code conflict or are inconsistent with legislation, compliance with legislative requirements is to be followed by all gaming Clubs. If your club has any concerns regarding conflicts with legislation, please contact the Code Administrator at or via ClubASSIST on 1300 730 001. 


ClubsNSW will administer the Code through the appointed Code Administrator, their delegates, and the independent Code Adjudication Panel. 


Alleged breaches of the Code can be submitted by a club member, player, family member, staff, manager, or director. The Code requires complainants to attempt to resolve complaints with the club prior to being considered by the Code Administrator or delegates. 

For information on how to make a complaint, see here.

To lodge a complaint, please complete this form.


During the complaint procedure, the Code Administrator, delegates, or Code Adjudication Panel may give a club direction to rectify breaches of the Code. All clubs are required to comply with any such directions. All directions are educational and not punitive. 

Code Review 

The Code will be reviewed from time to time to stay relevant, maintain a high standard that aligns with community and government expectations and remain current with legislation.

View Club Gaming Code of Practice 

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