Responsible Gambling Initiatives

ClubsNSW's approach to responsible gambling is to create safe club environments where people can make informed choices about their activities.

Through the ClubSAFE program, ClubsNSW has created and championed a series of harm minimisation initiatives:

  • ClubSAFE Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion ('MVSE') 
  • ClubSAFE Counselling Line - 1800 99 77 66.
  • Club Staff Training


The MVSE is an online tool that enables patrons to ban themselves from the gaming area of multiple clubs and hotels in one simple application, as opposed to having to visit each venue individually. 

Traditionally, patrons would have to organise an appointment with a gambling counsellor or attend a venue to have a self-exclusion facilitated. As of December 2023, ClubsNSW has launched self-facilitation of self-exclusion. 

Self-Facilitated Self-Exclusion 

Immediately on deciding to take more control of their relationship with gambling, patrons can now apply to have themselves excluded from multiple venue’s without having to attend a venue or wait for a session with a gambling counselling service. 

Self-exclusion in combination with counselling has proven to be the most effective way for patrons to change their relationship with gambling. Throughout the process applicants will be provided information on how to access problem gambling services, as well as be given the opportunity to access a range of other support services through GambleAware

Apply for a self-exclusion now.

3rd Party Exclusions 

Since the launch of the Gaming Code of Practice, ClubSAFE has supported family members and venues looking to assist patrons they believe may be experiencing gambling related harm. 

Family-members and venues can apply to ClubSAFE counsellors who will assist in determining how best to move forward in the interests of all involved. 

ClubSAFE Counselling 

ClubSAFE provides a counselling service to any patrons experiencing gambling-related distress. This counselling  includes providing support, advice and referral to family members who may be experiencing harm from their loved one’s gambling.   

Patrons preferring face-to-face counselling can be referred to a local counselling service funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF). Once in touch with a local service, a patron can receive ongoing support free of charge.  

Additional Counselling Services include:  

  • Support for family members of people with a gambling problem  
  • Support for non-English speaking patrons  
  • Phone support for club management and staff  
  • Crisis intervention counselling. 

ClubSAFE Training  

To support our members to deliver the safest possible environments and intervene when they identify that patrons may be experiencing unsafe gambling, ClubSAFE provides a range of training. 

We provide training to: 

  • Junior staff members to help them identify signs of unsafe gambling 
  • Senior staff members to support them in delivering the new Gaming Code, and 
  • Boards of directors to given them the right skills, insights and strategies to oversee and ensure an environment focussed on gambling harm minimisation. 

ClubsNSW has been approved to deliver the NSW Government’s new Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling. This training provides valuable interpersonal skills for staff to confidently approach and discuss gaming behaviours and provide support to patrons who may be experiencing unsafe gambling. 

ClubsNSW is working in a range of other ways to promote responsible gambling such as providing access to free counselling, improving staff training and supporting independent research into harm minimisation.  

Full details are contained in the ClubsNSW Responsible Gambling Strategy 2019-21.  


"ClubSAFE not only supports individuals struggling with gambling through the provision of the Self-exclusions, but also supports the Gambling help Counsellors in reaching out to those affected by gambling and promoting community education and awareness of gambling help counselling services available."
- Julie McDermott, Wagga Family Support GambleAware Counsellor

"The fact that once a self-exclusion has been processed it is instantaneous is a fantastic feature. It lets an individual seeking the self-exclusion leave with the knowledge that it is done and does not rely on the other clubs to have to process it for it to be finalised."
- Michelle Cappadona, Chatswood RSL Club

"From the time that Nathan walked into the Broken Hill School Hall until we left, there were 300 students plus teachers in that hall and they were all overwhelmed by this young man and his story. The impact that he had on so many students was amazing.  I have had quite a few new clients present to the service since Nathans visit."
- Greg Pearce, Lifeline Broken Hill GambleAware Counsellor

Looking for help?

To find an experienced, confidential counsellor near you, call the NSW Government GambleAware hotline on 1800 858 858 who can connect you to a service. Alternatively, search this page using your postcode to find a local counselling service and make direct contact.