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Established to provide technical guidance, product facilitation and digital thought-leadership, the Digital Services Team (DST) at ClubsNSW offers member clubs the opportunity to engage with a team whose primary focus is to improve the operational efficiency, increase customer engagement, and introduce new revenue streams across the industry.

Led by the industry’s first Chief Digital Officer, the DST also facilitates the first Digital Advisory Committee, made up of technology and information leaders from across key clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Key areas the DST covers include:

  • Coordination of an industry-wide Digital Advisory Committee
  • Data Governance — standards & policies to help protect information assets
  • Data-led Benchmarking — an information portal for clubs to measure performance across the industry
  • Innovation & Technology Consultancy — ensuring the latest and most suitable digital platforms are tested and shared amongst clubs
  • Project Management — ensuring efficient coordination of projects
  • Development — ability to build Applications and Technology-led products
  • Legal and Digital Contract Assessment — to ensure best frameworks are agreed

The main DST projects for 2020 include:

  1. Clubs Grants Online
  2. Clubsnsw.com.au website and content management system
  3. HR Management Portal
  4. Gaming Entitlement Portal
  5. Data Benchmarking Portal

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