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ClubSAFE is a leading responsible gambling and compliance program operated by ClubsNSW.

It assists clubs in meeting their compliance requirements, delivering best practice outcomes and creating a safe environment for patrons.

All ClubSAFE clubs have access to our ClubSAFE Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion® platform (MVSE), 24-hr Gambling Counselling help-line and staff training in Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terror Financing requirements (AML/CTF). 

Additionally, ClubSAFE Premium clubs have access to more detailed staff training in responsible gambling, NSW Liquor & Gambling compliance audits and the full suite of products to meet full AML/CTF compliance. Premium clubs will also be able to access ‘Premium Extra’ products and services at industry prices.


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Other Benefits

Learn more about Other Benefits & Premium Services

ClubSAFE Premium Extras - clubs that subscribe to this level of membership also have access to additional L&G audits, executive seminars, database services for customer and employee due diligence, and additional AML/CTF consulting services. These extras may incur additional charges.

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