Litres for the Land

Litres for The Land

The drought is devastating the bush. Vast areas of Rural Australia are simply running out of water. It’s heartbreaking for farming families, many of whom have been on the land for generations.

There’s no water for their animals, no water to run their farms. No hope. It means that farming families are having to forgo things the rest of us take for granted – such as regular showers and laundry. At times like this, it’s easy to feel helpless. But there is something you can do.

Your Local Club are coming together with Team Rubicon Australia to conduct the Litres for the Land appeal.

The concept is simple. Through club fundraising activities and public donations, millions of litres of water will be purchased and transported to the bush, and provided for free to farms and families that need it the most. Sourcing of water will be dependent upon the location. In many areas, water will be purchased from the council through local water carters. However in areas where there are tight water restrictions the water will be sourced from outside of the local government area and trucked in. Recipients can be nominated via the button below, and Team Rubicon Australia will be assessing, prioritising and providing the water on an as-needs basis.

Team Rubicon Australia will be responsible for the planning, logistics and delivery of this project. Team Rubicon is made up of Australian Defence Force Veterans who specialise in disaster relief. They are a registered Australian NFP organisation.

Help show rural Australian families they are not alone.

Support the Litres for the Land appeal at your local club – or make a direct donation.

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You’re not only giving water, you’re giving hope.

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