Invictus Games Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Officer

The highly motivated Invictus Games Sydney 2018 volunteers have travelled from as near as Parramatta, Sydney NSW while others have travelled from the UK, Brazil, Netherlands and Ghana to join the team, be part of a unique experience and give back to the defence community.

Susan Officer is a ClubSAFE Member Services Executive. Extending on ClubsNSW' commitment to support the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, Susan has given up personal time to complete training as well as taking leave to fulfil her Games time volunteer role.

Susan Officer
ClubSAFE Member Services Executive Susan Officer

Invictus Games Sydney 2018 CEO Patrick Kidd OBE is proud that the Games have provided an opportunity to engage over 1,000 purpose aligned volunteers as they play an integral role in the delivery of the event.
“Our aim is to encourage individuals to get active and get connected in their communities. Not only does volunteering tangibly support not-for profit organisations it provides organisations with the opportunity to engage staff in a meaningful way and support workforce mental wellbeing,” he said.  

We grabbed a few minutes with Susan to get some insight into what volunteering at the Invictus Games is actually like:

Q. What’s your role for the Invictus Games Sydney?

My role is within the Accreditation Team; registering athletes/friends & family/media/dignitaries etc for the games.

Q. Why did you sign up to volunteer?

I have had a long history of volunteering and have always really enjoyed it. I was a volunteer in Spectator Services for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and did several years as a driver for the Sydney International Tennis Tournament. I am a regular blood/plasma donor as well as volunteering at my local club in Neutral Bay. I can give back, so I do, and Invictus was another great opportunity to do that.

Q. What does the Invictus Games mean to you?

I have been in a privileged position working at ClubsNSW and being able to meet some athletes and hear their stories and I think that the games are such a great avenue for our wounded servicemen & women to channel the energy they may not have an outlet for.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at the Games?

I’m lucky being in accreditation I get to meet and greet a myriad of people coming though the games, so I’m looking forward to making them all feel welcome!

Q. If you had the chance to meet Prince Harry in your volunteering journey, what would be one question you’d ask him?

Hmmm, not sure. Maybe I would ask, what does he find most rewarding in all the charity work he does..