Club Directors Institute Seminars

CDI seminars are delivered by industry experts and integrated with networking opportunities in line with the regional meeting schedule. These presentations are informative and instructional for both board and management.

2021 CDI Seminars

The Club Directors Institute is focused on providing ongoing guidance to clubs under the Governance Directions 2017 – 2021 and the first round of this year will focus on recommendation 1: "to maintain a continuous focus on the future".


Round 1: February - April | For dates and times, refer to the 2021 L&D Calendar.

Lessons from History—Looking Back to Look Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic crystallised many strategies and engaged change, and in some cases, placed clubs on unplanned and uncontrolled trajectories. 

Looking back over the last 40 years, the various drivers of change will be reviewed and how the industry has responded. Lessons from history will be identified and how the current new frontiers must be managed strategically to ensure that our clubs have a place in the future of NSW communities.

Russell Corporate Advisory will present this seminar. 


Equipping Yourself—the Right Skills for Future Viability & Managing Uncertainty

There is the inherent expectation that all directors have the right skills for managing uncertainty to ensure future viability of clubs. They need to be equally focussed on financial sustainability and their social and community responsibilities.

Workplace compliance and culture are all important factors in the strategic plan of every club. To not get these right, a club can risk disaster.

PKF will be exploring each of these areas in detail through case studies and interactive exercises to equip directors with the practical tools and knowledge to handle these challenges.


Round 2

Topic 1 Surviving through diversification - Club Viability and Survival strategies
Topic 2

Incentivising CEO’s - What you need to know

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