COVID-19 Updates 16th October, 2020

12:30pm, 16th October, 2020

Member clubs are advised of the following updates to the restrictions in the Public Health Orders:

Higher density capacity in outdoor areas

The NSW Government has eased a range of restrictions on outdoor areas applying from today.

Further to Circular 20-186, the Minister for Health has now enacted legislation which permits 1 patron per 2 square metres in outdoor areas of hospitality venues.

New COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Plan has been amended to reflect the relaxed density limit in outdoor areas. Clubs must ensure that their COVID-19 Safety Plan is updated to include the new version.

The updated COVID-19 Safety Plan can be found on the NSW Government website, here.

Remembrance Day

The NSW Government has increased the gathering limit from 10 to 100 persons for clubs holding a service to commemorate Remembrance Day 2020.

The number of patrons permitted at a Remembrance Day commemoration is also subject to the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.

In addition to usual COVID-19 sign-in procedures, each person participating in the service must provide their name and contact details to the organiser of the service, irrespective of whether this event is held inside the club premises.

Corporate events

As of today, the Public Health Order has been amended to broaden the types of premises or areas where a “corporate event” may be held.

Particularly, there is no longer a requirement that a corporate event must be held in a “function centre”, which effectively limited corporate events to parts of the club premises which are usually used for events.

Due to these amendments, clubs are now permitted to hold a corporate event on any parts of the club premises.

Streamlined process to apply for footway dining

Earlier this week, amendments to the Liquor Regulation were enacted to streamline the application process for footway dining.

The amendments are intended to consolidate and fast-track the multiple applications necessary for footway dining.

More information on all of these updates can be found in circular 20-187.



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