COVID-19 Updates - 6th May, 2020

5:30pm, 6th May, 2020 

Member clubs are advised of new COVID-19 guidance materials on work health and safety (WHS) and sports. Clubs are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the guidance, which will form part of the standards applying to clubs once they reopen.

In considering whether to make investments (such as changing the club’s layout), clubs should be cognisant of the possibility that there will be additional, modified or stricter standards, relative to the guidance materials described in this circular.

ClubsNSW is developing practical compliance guidance which will be issued upon finalisation of any reopening standards.

While some clubs are contemplating measures to implement upon reopening, please note that it is unlawful to require employees or patrons to download the CovidSAFE app as a condition of working or entering.

WHS Guidance

Safe Work Australia has released WHS guidance for the hospitality industry nationally in light of COVID-19. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the National Cabinet confirmed yesterday that Safe Work Australia would be a single source of information for managing COVID-19 WHS moving forward, which will allow businesses to plan with confidence and consistency as they re-emerge from the crisis.

COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Toolkit

The Toolkit is a comprehensive tool to ensure that hospitality employers protect the health and safety of their workers and others in the workplace at all times, in light of the threat of COVID-19.

A thorough understanding and adherence to the measures outlined in the Toolkit will help ensure that clubs comply with their existing duties and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW).

The Toolkit includes detailed information and resources on safely maintaining the work premises, consultation and training obligations, emergency plans, health monitoring, physical distancing, hygiene, cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE). Clubs are encouraged to access the toolkit and implement the suggested measures as far as reasonably practicable.

The Safe Work Australia Hospitality Industry Toolkit can be accessed here.

Australian Institute of Sport Framework

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has released a framework for rebooting sport, which sets out varying levels of standards (Levels A, B and C) which can apply to different sports.

The AIS Framework includes standards applying to golf and lawn bowls.

The three different levels in the AIS Framework entail different degrees of strictness. The AIS advises that the appropriate level should be influenced by any evidence of transmission within the local community or sporting cohort.

While the standards in the AIS Framework are not legally binding, clubs are advised that they should have reference to these standards in considering how they may continue or resume sporting activities at the club.

The AIS Framework can be found here.

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