COVID-19 Updates - 27th March, 2020

1.00pm, 27th March, 2020

Gaming machine tax and payroll tax deferral

The NSW Government has announced that club gaming machine tax and payroll tax has been deferred for the next six months. A copy of the NSW Government’s announcement can be found here.

The payroll tax deferral includes those clubs with payrolls of more than $10m. ClubsNSW welcomes this decision, which ClubsNSW advocated strongly for on behalf of Member Clubs. 

AUSTRAC advice regarding the 2019 AML/CTF Compliance Report

ClubsNSW has received the following advice from AUSTRAC:

"The Compliance Report 2019 is due to be submitted to AUSTRAC by 31 March 2020. Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise that you may be unable to submit your report on time. We will assist you through these circumstances by accepting 2019 compliance reports until 30 June 2020, without risk of compliance action.

We know that some small to medium businesses have been restricted from opening due to COVID-19 social distancing measures announced by the government. For these affected businesses we will not take any compliance action if you are unable to submit your report.

Thank you to those who have already submitted reports. If you have questions about the impacts of COVID-19 on your compliance obligations please contact us by email ( or via the online form."

5.30pm, 27th March, 2020

Recognising the impact on clubs posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tabcorp has advised ClubsNSW that it is suspending fees payable by clubs under contracts for SKY, TAB, Keno and MAX.

The payments to Tabcorp are suspended from the commencement of the industry shutdown – on 23 March 2020 – until at least the next month. Tabcorp will continue to review these arrangements for each subsequent month ClubsNSW has been engaging with Tabcorp to achieve this outcome, and we thank Tabcorp for its support of the club industry at this difficult time.

ClubsNSW has also arrived at similar arrangements with several other established industry suppliers, who have agreed to waive, defer or suspend costs payable by clubs under their contracts. These include suppliers in the beverages, gaming and music licensing industries.

A consolidated list of suppliers who have provided relief, and the types of relief provided, can be found here.

Member Clubs are also reminded of the Australian Banking Association’s 6-month deferral policy; under which clubs are invited to contact their bank to apply for a loan deferral.
Minimising immediate expenses payable to suppliers and banks is a critical measure in scaling down a club’s operation, which will help clubs remain solvent and viable during the temporary shutdown period.

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